Welcome. This is the website of Doctors for Assisted Suicide (DAS), a group of Scottish doctors who support the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill being considered by the Scottish Parliament. We would welcome contact from nurses and other allied health professionals who wish to form their own groups.

DAS welcomes the progress in palliative care that has been made across Scotland to manage end-of-life symptoms. We support measures to increase the availability of such services.

However, we recognise that a small number of patients do not obtain adequate relief for their distress. We support controlled, well-regulated assisted suicide for this group to allow them to choose to end their lives peacefully.

Finally, we have heard of understandable concerns that allowing assisted suicide could harm Scotland’s excellent palliative care system. This is certainly not an aim of the legislation and, furthermore, based on the evidence from elsewhere, we do not believe this will happen. The rating of the Palliative Care service provided in the USA has increased from grade C to grade B in recent years and both Washington and Oregon, who have implemented assisted suicide legislation, are rated as Grade A and in the top 10 states for their services. Whilst other factors will have contributed to this, but it demonstrates that properly regulated assisted suicide legislation does not necessarily lead to a reduction in the quality of palliative care. It has also recently reported that Oregon had the highest rates of hospice referral and of morphine prescribing which indicate that palliative care remains a priority in the state whilst 90% of people who have exercised their rights under the Dying with Dignity Act have received hospice care prior to ending their own lives under the legislation. It is important that allowing assisted suicide helps shape a new conversation about end of life care and how it is provided. We hope and believe that this should lead to increased investment in palliative care and would work with that sector to help achieve this.

As doctors, our priority is always to protect vulnerable groups. We have heard concerns that allowing even well regulated assisted suicide will put pressure on vulnerable groups such as the elderly to use the process so “they are not a burden” as they get older. However, a detailed study by the Journal of Medical Ethics examined the legislation that has been in place in the Netherlands and Oregon in the United States. (Journal of Medical Ethics, Oct 2007; 33 (10); 591-7; Battin et al) They found that there was no abuse of assisted suicide amongst the elderly, women, uninsured, poor, ethnic minorities, disabled, long-term sick, those with low educational status, minors, people with psychiatric illness including depression Not withstanding this study, DAS are very keen to ensure that effective safeguards are put in place to ensure this is the case in Scotland. If you have any further ways to ensure the Bill is effective then email us.

Similar safeguards were enacted by the Scottish Government following the passing of the Equal Marriage (Scotland) Act to protect those Churches and Ministers who do not want to take part in same sex marriages so there is clear precedent for acting in this manner.

Death with dignity

When health issues are too serious and there is no cure for it, it is hard to live each day and you hope it will bring an end to your suffering. Many people who suffer from inoperable cancers come to the decision to access assisted suicide. It will help them die with dignity and put an end to their misery.

About assisted suicide

Some health problems are unbearable. They give you mood swings, they transform your body and you stop recognizing yourself – both physically and psychically. However, not all patients who suffer from these conditions can benefit of assisted suicide. If you have thyroid problems and your unpleasant symptoms make you disregard yourself, you must take Thyromine and improve your overall health in a natural way.

Thyroid problems are less likely to give you a reason to want to die with dignity. In fact, they will not make you want to end your life at all. Coping with weight gain, depression, digestive problems and fatigue might bring you down, but with proper treatment you will eliminate the symptoms of your thyroid condition.Thyromine is a natural health supplement that stimulates the production of thyroid hormones that regulate the bodily functions. Because this treatment will slowly heal you, you will soon forget of your thyroid symptoms and feel great in your skin again.

Doctor assisted suicide is still illegal in numerous countries. It is hard to determine whether it is a correct decision or not. But do people in distress have to suffer their entire life? Or should they have the chance to die with dignity? Terminal illnesses reap patients off their most valuable possessions. They still have mental capacity and act voluntarily, but they probably have only a few months to live, accordingly to their doctor’s diagnosis. Is it ok to request doctor assisted suicide in these conditions?

End of life care

In Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Scotland the legislation allows physician administered euthanasia and statistics show that in Netherlands one in 26 deaths is caused by euthanasia. Although even persons with post-traumatic stress are allowed to undergo assisted suicide, people with dementia, anorexia nervosa and other psychiatric illnesses are often accepted to die with dignity. Regardless the patient’s decision, we all have the right to good palliative care, to keep pain and other symptoms under control.

Thyroid problems might cause you low energy levels, frequent allergies and even hair loss, but these symptoms can be successfully treated and you do not need to request for doctor assisted suicide. Take Thyromine and soon after taking the pills you will notice that your symptoms are diminished and you regain your confidence. Your thyroid gland will start functioning normally and you will also lose weight in a healthy way, if this is your goal.

The capacity to consent to treatment is mandatory when you consider doctor assisted suicide. You must be able to understand the information about your decision and its consequences. If you can remember this information and you have the ability to communicate it, your personal beliefs will be respected and an experienced doctor will assist you to die with dignity.